Saturday, May 17, 2014

Getting Jiggy with It

Nice bass that fell for a shakey head

Now that the spawn is over and the temperature is rising it’s time to start jigging for post-spawn pigs.  Over the last few weeks I have been having some incredible days on the water catching over 40 bass on some trips, mainly using slow jig presentations. 

The two styles of jigs I use are a small finesse jig and a shakey head jig.  The small finesse jig I prefer is a Booyah Boo Jig in a 3/8oz.  This paired with a PowerTeam Lures Craw D’oeuvre trailer is deadly. In clear water, natural colors like brown and tan work best, and in stained water, black and blue is the way to go.  For my rod I like a 10-17lbs bait casting rod, and a Diawa Tatula bait casting reel.  My line of choice is 20lbs braid, and a 15lbs fluorocarbon leader. 

My shakey head set-up is a light spinning rod and reel spooled with 15lbs braid, and 10lbs fluorocarbon leader.  I use a PowerTeam lures 1/8oz Pea Head, and a 7” Tickler.  The most productive color is junebug for both stained and clear water.  If that doesn't work however, the switch to a green pumpkin red flake. I fish both of these jigs in the same locations on the lake.  

Since this is the post spawn, most of the big females are on bars and ledges located near spawning flats.  Most of these ledges are in 9-12ft of water.  I will throw my jig up on the top of the bar and hop it down.  If there is a bend in the ledge, it will normally hold more fish.  The shakey head will normally catch more fish, but the finesse jig will produce the more quality fish. 
20" bass caught on a jig
This jig pattern will continue to produce throughout the late spring and into the early summer, so go pick up some jigs and catch some pigs!

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