Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally Back in the Salt...

After a few months of freshwater fishing, and seeing reports of reds and specks being back in the bay, I finally loaded up the Cuda and set out for the saltwater.  During the winter I did some research and found some new spots I wanted to try and sight fish for reds.  My Dad and I launched at 6AM and set out.  The first spot I hit was the mouth of a large creek with a few grass flats in front of it.  The tide was outgoing, so I beached the Cuda and waded around the mouth of the creek.

  I caught a few small specks and a flounder, but I couldn’t find any reds.  Once the sun was high enough for sight fishing I stood up and started stalking the grass flats looking for reds.  

It didn’t take long for me to find them.  I pitched my mirrodine in front of the biggest fish and after a few twitches in front of his face it was game on!

 The fish made several drag screaming runs across the flat and put up a good fight.  Once I landed it and took a few pictures it swam away in good shape.  I kept looking for reds while throwing my Mirror Lure mirrodine hoping for a bigger speck.

 I saw some bait busting on the surface and cast in that direction. As soon as it hit the water it was nailed by a houndfish that flew out of the water.  These fish are a nuisance because they will normally snap your line and take your $15 lure, but they fight hard and jump like crazy.  This houndfish was about 3’ long and was real cool looking. 

  After the houndfish I was back looking for reds.  I found several more either in schools or singles on the flat, all of the fish I caught were in the 20”-25” range.  

The wind started picking up and made sight fishing hard, so I called it a day.    The fish were real skittish and several refused baits.  Normally when fish are skittish I switch to soft plastics, but they did not work at all.  The mirrodine fished slowly was the only lure that produced for me.  My Dad had success with a Live Target mullet wake bait.