Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chilly Bass on the SUP

Since the forecast showed light winds and slightly warmer temperatures, I decided to load up the SUPerFISHal and head to the Suffolk Lakes.  I launched in the early afternoon with the water temp reading 39.5 degrees.  My Dad joined me in his Cuda 14.  When I arrived at the first hole that I wanted to target I pitched my live bait near some structure and it was instantly nailed by a feisty pickerel.

  As soon as I released it, my Dad picked up a small bass.  The action continued throughout the day with bass and pickerel hitting almost everything I threw.  Most of the bass were in the 14in-15in range with a few up to 20in.
  The most productive baits were suspending jerkbaits, crankbaits, PowerTeam Lures 3.5” Craw D’oeuvre fished on a football jig and live bait. 
  I even got out my ultralight and caught some bass and crappie on a small spinnerbait.  The crappie were schooled up over a submerged brush pile in only about 4 feet of water.
 Most of the fish were suspended over offshore structure and near thick cover. Overall, we caught around 25 bass and pickerel.  It was a great day and with the water still warming the fishing will only get better.  

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