Monday, February 3, 2014

Cold Water Bassin'

Since the latest winter storm passed through the Hampton roads area, I have been watching the weather like a hawk looking for a warming trend.  When I saw one forecast for last weekend, I rigged up the Cuda for some winter time bucketmouths.


VA Cold Water Largemouth

Most of the local lakes were completely iced over limiting my options, but fellow Werner Paddles teammate Richie Bekolay ( to see his blog Click Here ) told me that one our favorite lakes was open so we set out in hopes of getting some pullage.  When I launched the temperature on my fish finder read 40.1 degrees.   Shortly after I started fishing I heard a “Fish On!” and turned to see my Dad’s rod doubled over and a lot of splashing. Shortly afterwards he landed a nice 21in pickerel.

photo 3.JPG

            A few minutes later and he was hooked into a second pickerel around the same size.  I was throwing my suspending jerkbait when it was hit by a feisty 15in Largemouth.  I kept throwing my jerkbait and soon connected with a bigger fish.    This fish stayed deep and bulldogged into the grass, but soon I boated a chunky 17.5in largemouth.


Photo Credit: Richie Bekolay

            I hoped that the bite would continue to improve as the water warmed, but it did the opposite and dropped off.  I kept fishing and picked up a nice 22in pickerel near the end of the day.

photo 2.JPG

            As the weather warms and the local lakes thaw, break out the kayak and try some winter bassin’!    


Photo Credit: Richie Bekolay

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