Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Trips for Big Bass

22in Citation Largemouth 

Summer has rolled into the Tidewater region and it is HOT.  To beat the heat, a quick late afternoon trip down to the local lake can put some quality bass on your line.
A double header of nice bass caught on jigs

I keep these quick trips simple, bringing only a few rods and a few tackle boxes.  The rods I bring will be rigged with: a jig, a Texas rig, a popper, and a lipless crankbait.  These four baits will always produce summer bass no matter where you fish.

My jig of choice is PowerTeam Lures (PTL) new Bull Nosed Jig in either Natural, or Susky Slayer with a matching Craw D trailer.  I throw this around all types of shallow cover and catch a lot of big bass on the jig. Since I'm throwing this into cover I like to use a heavier rod and 20lb test braided line.  The braid adds sensitivity and allows you to feel the softer bites.
A Mouth full of Jigs

Everybody knows that the Texas rig is one of the most popular rigs in bass fishing. the reason why is because it catches fish, a lot of fish.  My Texas rig combo consist of a PTL 1/4oz tungsten weight and a 3/0 EWG worm hook.  As far as plastics go, my personal favorites are: PTL Sick Sticks, 6" Gators, 7" Tickelers, and 10" Ribbon Hinge Worms.  I pitch these baits in shallow brush piles, and also hop the Ribbon Hinge worm around long main lake points.  I will use a little lighter rod than my jigging rod, but will keep the 20lbs braid for the sensitivity.
Working a point with a Texas Rig
My favorite bait to throw during the summer is a small popper.  These baits will always produce hits during the summer time.  My favorite popper is Lake Fork tackle's Magic Popper.  This bait walks the dog like a stick bait, and splashes like a bait fish.  I throw this bait on a light spinning rod for accuracy, and I target shady over hangs, and skip it under docks.  as it gets later in the day I will throw it over shallow ledges and across large flats.
Bass caught on a popper
My final rig is a lipless crankbait.  This is one of the most versatile baits in my tackle box.  I can burn it across large shallow flats, or hop it down a deep point, and everywhere in between.  My favorite way to work this bait is throwing it over shallow submerged structure such as, brush piles, standing timber, grass, rocks, and points.  The lipless crankbait I throw most often is the Strike King Red Eyed Shad.  This bait gives off a lot of vibration and attracts bass from a long way away.

Nice bass couldn't pass up a Red Eyed Shad

The weather may be hot, but so is the fishing.  So get on the water and get in on the action.

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