Monday, March 10, 2014

Slowing Down

As a weekend fisherman, I can’t count on perfect conditions every time I go fishing.  This weekend I faced post cold front conditions and muddy water from a lot of rain the previous day.  At least the weather called for some warmer conditions, so I loaded up my Cuda 14 and went to one of the local lakes near my house.  The bright blue sky and warmer air temperatures made for a nice day, but the fishing was slow.  I started the day flipping heavy cover in 9-12 feet of water with a small finesse jig.  I missed a few fish but couldn’t get any solid hookups.  I eventually worked my way into a small, deep creek, and I switched to a jerkbait.  After a few cast I connected with a decent largemouth.  It was suspended in 15 feet of water.

  I thoroughly fished the creek but couldn't get another bite.   I moved to another shallower creek, where my Dad connects with a nice fish. After a short fight he lands a chunky bass.  That fish hit a square bill crankbait in a craw pattern.  I hoped a change would increase the action so I decided to make a move and head way up lake to find some warmer water.  I started fishing a large stump field.  I picked up a small pickerel with my jerkbait, and missed a few more fish on my jig.  My Dad was working his jerkbait in a small pocket when it was blasted by a nice largemouth.

  After a quick fight he landed it and I took a few pictures.  This one was fatter and a bit longer than his first.  The fish kept me guessing the rest of the trip and I couldn’t get another bite. 

The next day I went to a smaller, shallower lake hoping for a better bite.  I fished my normal spots without a bite.  I switched to slow rolling a spinnerbait and fished it down drop offs and near spawning flats.  I managed to pick up 2 small bass and a pickerel.

  The fishing was slow but the weather made for another nice day on the water.  When you are fishing the action can’t always be great, but slow days are what make you realize how special a great day is.

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